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Introducing the Real Time Bus Information.

PSTA invites you to experience Real Time Bus Information. The system works with GPS technology and allows PSTA to pinpoint each vehicles exact location at all times. This means we can provide reliable, real-time departure information to passengers.





Real Time Bus Information on Mobile Phone

For this installment of Deep Drive, we wanted to explore all there is to know about fares. With the institution of fares on the SunRunner and the elimination of magstripes cards on all PSTA buses, this is the perfect opportunity to refresh current riders and teach new riders how to pay their fare.

We’ll cover everything from how people currently pay to who’s eligible for reduced or free fares. By the end, you’ll have all the information you need to determine what fare payment option works best for you!

Saying Goodbye to Magstripes

Beginning January 2nd, 2024, all PSTA buses will no longer accept magstripe cards (a.k.a GO Cards) for fare payment, nor will they be sold at retail locations or through PSTA’s Customer Service Center. 

Make sure to use up all GO Card balances before January 2nd, 2024, as they will not be accepted after this date. There will be no exceptions.

So, what payment option is most similar to GO cards? The Flamingo Fare card and app!

Flamingo Fares allows you to pay using a reloadable smart card or smartphone app. You can also easily manage your balance from the Flamingo Fares app or on your desktop. And the best part: Flamingo cards are tap-enabled. Just place your card over the reader to pay your fare in seconds!

But Flamingo Fares isn’t the only way to pay your fares. Let’s go over every single payment method PSTA offers!


All Fare Payment Methods

Someone paying their fare with a tap-enabled smartphone

Before we get started, it’s important to note that all the listed payment methods are accepted on all buses with one major exception—the SunRunner CANNOT accept cash. SunRunner riders will instead pay their fares through any of the other methods listed!


On Board

Want to pay your fare as you get on the bus? Whether you’re paying cash through the fare box or tapping your card, here are all the ways to pay!

  • Cash: Single Fare—Exact Change (Cash Not Accepted on the SunRunner!)
  • Contactless Payments
    • Tap-enabled credit and debit cards
    • Apple Pay and Google Pay via smartphone or smartwatch
  • Flamingo Fares: tap-enabled Flamingo card or app

At Terminals

Like GO Cards, Flamingo Fares cards are available for purchase at any PSTA terminal or Customer Service Center. These cards can be purchased, registered, and reloaded using cash or card, either at a Customer Service Center, online, or via the Flamingo Fares app!

The Flamingo Fares website also shows what terminals are nearest you so you know where to buy your card if you’d like to purchase it in person!

At Retail Network Locations

There are two products available at retail network locations, which can be purchased with cash or any payment method accepted by that store:

  • Flamingo Fares Daily Capp ($5): valid for one rider, for one service day. Stops working at the end of the service day following the first tap. ​
  • Flamingo Fares 1-Ride ($2.25): valid for one rider, for one ride. Stops working after one tap. 

Participating retail locations in Pinellas County include:

  • CVS
  • Amscott Financial
  • …more to come!

Who Gets a Reduced Fare?

Two female seniors waiting at a PSTA bus shelter

Reduced fares are available to certain riders, such as students not enrolled at a UPASS participating school, seniors over 65, and riders with disabilities. 

However, it’s important to note that reduced fares are only available when paying with cash or through registered Flamingo Fares accounts. Onboard the SunRunner, Flamingo Fares is the ONLY way to qualify for a reduced fare.​

Individuals Eligible for Reduced Fares



Kids 9-18 who are NOT PCS students​

Present proof of age on gov’t issued ID. ​

Adult students (18+) who are NOT enrolled at a UPASS school​

Visit a PSTA terminal to register for your discount. When paying cash on board for a single ride, you may present a qualifying student ID to the driver. ​

Seniors over 65​

Visit a PSTA terminal to register for your discount. When paying cash on board for a single ride, you may present a qualifying ID to the driver.  ​

Riders with Disabilities​

Visit a PSTA terminal to register for your discount. When paying cash on board for a single ride, you may present a qualifying ID to the driver. ​

TD eligible riders​

Fill out the application and verify your residency and income annually. Purchase your TD pass every month at a Customer Service Center.

Flamingo Fares is the simplest way to pay for anyone eligible for discounted fares to ensure they will always receive their reduced fare and fare-capping benefits. Visit any PSTA Customer Service Center to have your Flamingo Fares card registered appropriately. Drivers on the bus can’t give discounts to riders using Flamingo Fares. ​

Contactless payments are planned to become eligible for reduced fares in 2024. In order to receive your discount, you must visit a PSTA Customer Service Center to register your payment method and always use the registered payment method. Drivers on the bus can’t give discounts to riders using contactless payments.

Who Rides for Free?

A woman in a wheelchair waiting for a bus

Certain riders are eligible for free fares either due to their age, status, or thanks to programs through their school or employer.

Individuals Eligible for Free Fares



Kids under 8​

Should ride with parent—walk on board​

(starting November 10, 2023)​

Present military ID/VA card/proof of military service at customer service center to get your Veterans Pass. Every month, present photo ID at a customer service center to reactivate your Veterans Pass. ​

Pinellas County Schools (students, faculty, staff, volunteers)​

MyCRO School (Students only)​

Present student ID/proof of enrollment/faculty ID while boarding​

Students, faculty, and staff at: USF St. Pete, St. Petersburg College, Pinellas Technical College​

Present student/faculty ID while boarding​

Employees & Guests of UPASS hotels:​

  • Tradewinds Resorts​
  • Sheraton Sand Key​
  • Marriott Sand Key​
  • Opal Sands​
  • Sandpearl​

Guest should ask concierge desk for instructions​
Employees should ask HR for instructions​

Employees of: City of St. Petersburg, Ready for Life, and United Maintenance Company​

Present employee ID​

St. Petersburg Residents who qualify for TD program (tentatively starts November 1, 2023)​

Fill out TD application and verify your residency and income annually. Reactivate your TD pass every month.


Universal Pass Program (UPASS)

PSTA’s Universal Pass Program, also called UPASS, allows businesses and nonprofit organizations to pay PSTA an annual discounted rate in exchange for unlimited public transit access for their guests, employees, and/or students.

Current UPASS partners include:

  • City of St. Petersburg
  • Marriott Sand Key
  • MyCRO School
  • Opal Sands
  • Pinellas County Schools
  • Pinellas Technical College (PTC)
  • Ready For Life
  • Sandpearl
  • Sheraton Sand Key
  • St. Petersburg College (SPC)
  • Tradewinds Resorts
  • United Maintenance Company
  • University of South Florida St. Pete Campus (USF)

Pinellas County Schools UPASS

A young male USF student scanning a QR code at a PSTA bus shelter

Pinellas County Schools is partnering with the Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) to provide free rides to students and staff through the Universal Pass, or U-PASS, Program!

All Pinellas County Schools students and staff ride free, all of the time! Just display your school or employee ID badge to the PSTA Driver. Substitute teachers display valid ID cards. You may also be asked to verify your identity with a photo ID card.

Learn more about the Pinellas County Schools UPASS program here!


What Is the “Best” Way To Pay My Fare?

The best way to pay your fare will depend on your lifestyle and what method of payment is most convenient for you. 

If you prefer to pay with cash, paying your fare with exact change or using a Flamingo Card may be ideal for you. If you love the convenience of tapping with your card or smart device, paying fare with a tap-enabled card or using your phone or wearable is probably your preference.

That being said, here are some pros and cons of each method of payment to keep in mind:

Flamingo Fares: Never pay more than $70/month or $5/day. This is the best value for commuters and regular riders. Reload from your bank account or credit card in the app or with cash at any PSTA Customer Service Center. Your stored value never expires! It is also the simplest way to pay for anyone eligible for reduced fares to ensure they will always receive their discount. ​

Contactless Payments: Never pay more than $5/day on one payment card. This method is quick and easy for casual riders who use PSTA services fewer than 14 days a month, as well as tourists. Please note that reduced fares are not currently available with contactless payments; this is planned to become available in 2024.  ​

Retail Network: Purchase a daily or single-ride Flamingo Fares limited-use card at a retail network location for $5/day. This method is convenient for visitors to Pinellas County, as well as anyone who prefers to pay cash and does not have a smartphone or regular access to a PSTA Customer Service Center. ​

Cash on Board: Pay exact change for every bus you board. Pennies are not accepted. This is the least cost-effective option but may be most convenient for those who do not ride frequently. 


The Future of Paying Fares

Someone paying their bus fare with a tap-enabled smartwatch

There’s no question that society is moving towards a cashless system where transactions are mainly handled via credit or debit card, or through digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. That being said, PSTA is very sensitive to the reality that not all riders have access to digital options and has worked to ensure systems like Flamingo Fares are in place for riders who prefer using cash.

Should public transit receive the funding and support it needs, we dream of a day when all public transit is fare-free for all citizens!