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PSTA invites you to experience Real Time Bus Information. The system works with GPS technology and allows PSTA to pinpoint each vehicles exact location at all times. This means we can provide reliable, real-time departure information to passengers.





Real Time Bus Information on Mobile Phone

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we’re pretty sure you’ve spotted our gorgeous SunRunner buses in the wild. Whether it’s the eye-catching art on the buses and stops or the dedicated lane that allows it to skirt pesky traffic, the SunRunner has been the belle of the ball in downtown St. Pete. 


But what do the people say? Are riders happy? Are we succeeding in the mission of providing the community with an alternative mode of transportation? Is anybody even getting on these buses? Let’s take a look at the raving reviews and hard data that prove the SunRunner is earning its lane in the road!

The SunRunner Hosts More Than 63,500 Riders In Its First 30 Days

Are people riding the SunRunner? A resounding “YES”! Did you know that 63,500 is more than the current population of Palm Harbor (61,366 as of the 2020 census)? Locals and tourists alike are hopping on the SunRunner to visit the hottest spots in downtown St. Pete and St. Pete Beach. Who can blame them for ditching their cars when these buses arrive every 15 minutes and are so easy to use? 

SunRunner, the Social Media Sensation

This bus got the star treatment online from businesses and locals alike!

On Instagram, @surfntmurph said, “The sun runner is [sic] most aesthetic bus I’ve ever seen.”


@lydia.r.penn said, “✨Public Transportation but Make It Cute✨”


While these compliments may have had Mr. Sun blushing, others could see the convenience and accessibility the SunRunner had to offer.


On Twitter, Jon “Woz” remarked, “Really can’t wait to experience it. I love the trolley, and travel on it a lot from the beach to downtown. But sometimes it’s just brutal and time consuming with traffic and frequent stops. SunRunner is going to help in so many ways.”


Teresa PW Helmick chimed in with, “A wonderful alternative for seniors and @usfsp (USF students) much like a circulator in the bigger cities connection Pier, @TheDali (The Dali Museum), restaurants, the shops, then on your way to the beach. Tourists season and free transport past St. Patty’s Day.”

Survey Says SunRunner is a Hit

No, really, we had a survey. From those who took our survey in the first two weeks of the SunRunner’s operation, and we learned some delightful things.

Average Score of 88 in Approval

Out of 192 responses, riders scored the SunRunner at an average of 88 when asked how likely they would be to recommend the SunRunner to others on a scale from 1 to 10. The SunRunner was already making good grades right out of the gate!

50% Went Car-Free? Yes Please!

When riders were asked how they would’ve traveled if not for SunRunner, 50.52% said they would’ve taken their personal car. That’s 92 extra cars off the road in a busy area! What’s more, 15.63% said they wouldn’t have taken their trip at all if not for the SunRunner. Imagine so many people not having their fun day in St. Pete or the beach due to lack of transportation. We’re thrilled and honored that people got to bask in the excitement and beauty of St. Petersburg thanks to the SunRunner.

After-Work Drinks, the Beach, and Shopping

So, where have all these riders been going? We asked that very question, and the responses showed that most people were using the SunRunner for either leisure or work! The majority of riders hit the beach, while others spent time in downtown St. Petersburg experiencing the amazing markets, small businesses, bars, and restaurants it offers.